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Account Executive

The account executive is the person who sells advertising and works closely with marketing businesses to the station listeners.

News Anchor/Reporter

The News Anchor/Reporter  serves as the primary presenter of news stories and other content for all platforms in a manner that is clear, engaging and meaningful

Account Coordinator

The Sales Assistant works within established Sales Department guidelines to maximize station revenue opportunities from an order entry, traffic and accounting perspective.  The Sales assistant

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The people responsible for producing all advertising revenues for a station, the sales department must understand the business climate in the community and must have a strong knowledge of the interests of the station audience. Some stations have multiple levels of sales personnel or Account Executives who specialize in National, Regional and Local sales.


The promotions department promotes the station's image, programs and activities. They conceive and execute a variety of written and taped station promotional spots, secure station advertising in other media, and in conjunction with the sales department, develop ways to keep broadcast consumers and advertisers current, and to attract new ones.


From News Directors to reporters, to writers, the key "front-line" people in the news department must be excellent writers, capable of working quickly and accurately to sum up the key elements of a news story and make it understandable and relevant to the audience. In today's new media, reporters must be able to write to all digital media, including social networks.


It takes a lot of people behind the scenes to operate a broadcast station. Operations managers are key players at any station. They ensure a business runs efficiently and in compliance with all pertinent rules and regulations. The General Manager is the person responsible for the overall operation of a station's business model, including long-range planning, budgets and personnel.


The staff of the Engineering department keeps the station on the air and the station’s physical property in good shape. The engineering department maintains the engineering and technical integrity of the station or station cluster and is familiar with transmitters, combiners and antenna systems. Engineers also manage large-scale projects such as studio builds or transmitter installations, and even have expertise in computer and telephone systems as well.


Announcers are a radio station's "voice" and are often the people with whom the public identifies. This person introduces programs and music, reads commercial copy and public service announcements, and is involved in the overall public presentation of the station. At smaller stations, many announcer positions are part-time and duties overlap into other areas.

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