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Station Manager


Salem Media Group in our Denver cluster offers an exceptional opportunity for an experienced Radio Station Manager.  The Station Manager would manage our SPANISH 1650 AM - Radio Luz station.  This role is responsible for the overall development and growth of KBJD.  Duties include coordinating station communications/public relations and revenue for the station. 

Bilingual English and Spanish ability is a must.  Experience in Spanish Christian format would be extremely helpful. 



·         Build and maintain partnerships with Spanish organizations, ministries and clients community organizations as potential radio content producers.

·         Oversee the scheduling and transmission of FCC compliant radio content on-air and streaming.

·         Assemble ad hoc teams to develop programming, events, public relations and partnership building.


·         Procure and maintain all equipment at the station.

·         With the market general manager, coordinate individuals for on-air and behind the scenes duties.

·         Oversee production and delivery of materials on relevant aspects of radio production, working in the studio, and administrative duties.


·         Promote the station to increase listeners and supporters.

·         Manage communications plan including public relations and on-air promotions and inserts.

·         Drive radio and digital sales for the stations


Desired Knowledge & Abilities

·         Radio or broadcast experience and knowledge of radio broadcasting equipment.

·         Excellent communication and media writing skills with experience managing social media accounts.

·         Ability to build strong relationships with people from varied backgrounds, particularly in ministry.


Contact: Please visit our website at, click on careers, search for Denver job postings and apply online.

Job posted by an Equal Opportunity Employer

DEADLINE: 2020-04-30